Thursday, December 7, 2017


First, a few things I need to say...

"Thank you", new followers. I appreciate you so much.

and thank you all for the comments on my last post. By the way, my perm turned out just fine...thank you very much, Poppy!

Several of you suggested a leaf blower for all these leaves. Well, I'm ashamed to admit it but we have three. Poppy has a big old red gas powered leaf blower and I have two electric leaf blowers...or leaf vacs.

and since you've never seen inside our little junky red shed...
Several years ago, Poppy used the gas blower a lot! The last time he used it, after walking just a few feet he had such a bank of leaves stretched across the yard that we had to stop and haul them into the woods by the sheet load.

Once I took it upon myself to rake the leaves, he hung the big red blower on a nail and has not used it since.

The third and newest leaf blower.

Poppy has promised, that he will crank up that old blower and help with the leaves...he just didn't say what year!

Lets switch to a much sweeter subject...
This adorable Christmas card came to Poppy and me from Deb at  with the sweetest gift...

three little kittens for our tree, and...

Chocolates! The beautiful card looks like Deb's yard in winter. Even the two little chipmunks look like her little Simon who lives under their old pump, with his little girlfriend. Deb keeps the birds and squirrels fed through the winter, along with the deer and bunnies, and any other hungry little animal that comes visiting. It is worth visiting Deb's blog just to meet her two cats...funny Audrey, and sweet Annie. Deb, thank you so much for the gift and for your friendship.

Hope to be back soon. We could see snow by the weekend!!! Imagine that!!!


P.S.  a note for Diane in Northern Wisconsin... I gave you the wrong email address for Shelby, well, wrong because I left out the 7...her email address is  Also, you can find their farm, Shelly Mac Farm on Facebook. Seems like she said there was something special you had to do to find them on Facebook?? Oops, I'll ask.

Shelby has figured out how to ship the jams and jellies in a way that costs less. She buys a flat-rate box from the post office that will hold six jars and ships for $13.00. There was a lady who wanted to order two jars of jam that cost $5.00 each, but the shipping cost was $5.90 for each jar. Anyhow, thought I would just mention this.

Gosh! What a post! Are you still here?? 😌


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Leaves, Leaves, Leaves

Then and now...
The back yard in June! That's the button bush on the left.

The back yard today!

in June

Today! Can you find Weetie?

The button bush, loaded with oak leaves. That should take a good part of a day.

I can handle leaves here even though the stepping stones have disappeared.

and here behind the chicken lot.

Thought a little leaf post would be fun, yeah right!  and get it off my chest! What a difference a few months can make. 

Whew! I'm feeling better now. I may be crying later though...I'm going at 3:30 for a perm....and guess what Poppy's comment to me was, at lunch today! "I don't know why you want to go get a perm. You will come home with your hair looking worse than it does now". 


Sunday, December 3, 2017

Village on the mantle

Poppy left this morning at 5:30 going to work at the deer processing plant. No way could I cut up a deer first thing in the morning...well no way could I cut up a deer, period!

Anyhow, I hardly had the front door closed and locked before the phone started ringing. It was Poppy. Mel, he should get in the car and drive up to the highway to see the moon. The super moon! It is unbelievable! Should have, but didn't. Just something about going out before daylight, in the quiet cold morning, in my pajamas and driving up this dark path, alone.

and besides all that, I can't get a decent picture of the star over the mantle...and sure can't get a good one of the moon. Don't know if it's me or my little el cheapo camera?

The mood finally hit me to bring in boxes from the shop. Here's the little Christmas village on the mantle.

It was about finished when Poppy said, you know what would look good? A star in the center above the mantle. So, it was off to town! 

Stopping at the dollar stores and drug stores along the way, looking for a simple lighted star. Most of the stars were gaudy. Of course, it seems that "gaudy" is in style around here.

The little village is far from perfect, and my pictures are too dark. Things show up in the pictures; wires and light bulbs and figures out of proportion, but I like it! Wouldn't it be fun to live in a little Christmas village.

Our Christmas tree needs more work...and so does the yard! Every year there are more and more leaves. It is overwhelming, and here, the oak leaves fall through February. Yesterday, I raked leaves for three hours and hardly made a dent. Poppy suggested not raking at all. Decisions, decisions. Hope to be back soon with pictures of the knee deep, well, ankle deep, leaves. 


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Maybe tomorrow

I've been wanting to decorate for Christmas for a while now and thought about bringing in the tree as soon as the dishes were washed on Thanksgiving day, but...

easily distracted, I got the tree as far as the front porch and it's been there ever since.

why even yesterday, after dropping Poppy off at his hunting spot down the power line...I came back and walked straight to the shop to bring in boxes of Christmas decorations, but...

leaning there against a big willow oak tree was the rake, handle deep in leaves, and I could not resist the temptation, so raked leaves for over an hour.  Still no decorating done.

Early yesterday I had both dentist and doctor appointments. After that, went on to Walmart for a few things. Since the day was about shot anyway, I stopped by the Safe Space thrift store and oh wow! how could one little thrift store be so packed. It was like a little Christmas village.Wish I had pictures to show you! I bought two little pieces...

the carolers!

and this little red outhouse, for setting up a Christmas village on the mantle. 

Do any of you have a toy train that you set up around the Christmas tree? I really really want one...and don't know why we've never bought one over the years. Trains are so neat!

Maybe I will talk to Poppy tomorrow about a train. Right now he is asleep in front of the TV. 

Better get things turned off in the sewing room. I've been sewing, finishing two bonnets and almost finished another Henny Penny apron. Hope to see you tomorrow.


Thursday, November 23, 2017

Dinner, and a little critter update

Here's our little Thanksgiving meal...
it was just the two of us, so I  cooked small and didn't do any fancy table setting. Goodness, I could have at least sliced the turkey breast and put it on a platter before taking the picture. Not a very pretty Thanksgiving table, but it did taste good.

and here's Poppy heading back into the woods across the road, to sit in a tree. I offered to go sit in the tree for him if he would wash the dishes and walk Eli, but he said "no thanks".

Granny Marigold recently asked about all the critters, so here's a little critter update...

I am totally shocked at how fast a baby rabbit grows...

isn't she (or he) adorable? She still doesn't have a name. I call her little sweetie pie, but we've got a dozen little sweetie pies already. We need something special, and I just can't come up with one that fits.

Here's big old Bun Bun, little sweetie pie's papa. She doesn't favor him at all, does she?

then there's Fiona. Fiona does her own thing. In fact, she has been hard at work digging a tunnel. See her dirty little feet and nose? She has built a nice little storm shelter under her cage. 

Miss duck duck paddles along the bank with us when we walk. She seems lonely since her best friend Mrs. Muscovy is sitting on a few eggs on the other side of the pond. Crazy, I know.

Eli found a broken duck egg 

the babies decided to leave the heat lamp and sleep upstairs.

cozy little bunch.

and since going through molting, these hens have stopped laying. Not one egg have we found in the chicken house in two months. I've bought two dozen eggs lately. Probably the first store bought eggs we've used since moving here in 1989. 

and that sweet little Rosie. Why she has tried her best to eat every leaf that falls. See her there in the picture with the chickens...eating leaves! We had to close her up in the goat barn until I could rake the lot...

I will have to get a newer picture to show you just how fat she has gotten. She is obsessed with eating. Seriously! Wonder who she got that from? :)

We haven't seen Wilder lately. I do worry about him and hope he is safe in his own little rabbit hole somewhere. Weetie did go tearing off  after something a few nights ago when I went out to close the chicken house door.  It could have been him. Weetie like to chase rabbits and squirrels, but could never catch one.

Maybe I will sew a little tonight. Thank you for stopping by.


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Craft Bazaar done

Somewhere, tucked away in there, is a little house...
and when the sun comes up in the mornings and shines through the oak trees, a bright orange glow comes through the living room windows...

lifting my spirits

Raking leaves in the front yard for two hours this morning, hardly made a dent, but it sure does count for exercise. It will take several days weeks months of raking to get rid of all these leaves. 

The lastest craft show...
the one my neighbor Ann asked me go to and share a table...
 That's my little display to the right. Needless to say, there was very little room. I did make a few sales. Actually, sold all my sun bonnets except for four.

Oh, you've got the see the sweetest little lady who bought a bonnet, and wore it...
She had everybody oohing and aahing and taking her picture to put on Facebook.

I worked really hard last week making three old fashioned dolls, and another cross-back apron, and all were sold.

I love these little aprons and have decided to call them the Henny Penny apron...

I love how the ruffle hangs in the back. This one sold too, and I kinda hated to see it go.

I need to shop for more creamy calico fabric and muslin for ruffles, and make more of these aprons.

Guess that's about it for tonight. Thank you visiting. Hope to be back soon, but for sure, will be around to visit and catch up. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

FROG Jam and cats on the freezer

You know, I could start every post with the question, where do the days go? 

Shelby and Jimmy at the market in 2015

Shelby is sharing her recipe for "F.R.O.G. Jam"...

6 cups peeled, crushed figs
3 cups fresh or frozen raspberries
5 cups sugar
2 tbsp finely grated gingeroot
1 cup orange juice (1 lg. orange)
1/2 tsp butter (I don't use)

Mix figs, raspberries, sugar, gingeroot, and peel together in large pot
Cook, stirring frequently, until thickened, about 30-45 min.
Ladle into sterilized jars and cover with sterilized lids
Process in boiling water bath for 10 min.
Cool and store in cool, dark place for up to 6 months

Note: To test for doneness of jam, place a small plate in the freezer as you prepare the ingredients. When ready to test, remove dish and pour  a tablespoon of jam onto it. Return to freezer for 1 minute. Then draw your finger through the middle of the jam. If it separates, it's done. Will thicken as it cools.

At that last craft show Shelby and I did, the one at the church; the preacher pulled up a chair and sat down in front of Shelby's display of jams and jellies. Shelby puts out a small opened jar of each flavor, along with a pretty little dish of cream cheese, and a dish of wheat thins, for sampling the jellies, kind of like here at the market...

Anyhow, the preacher, a very tall, big, friendly, down to earth type man, proceeded to sample each of the jellies. After sampling the Frog jam, he stood up and said, "rriiivvit, rriiivvit", what's in the frog jam?" It was funny. We really liked both the preacher and his wife. Very nice friendly folks.

To Diane in Wisconsin; you asked if Shelby ever ships her jams and jellies. She does occasionally, but the cost of shipping is high. She shipped a few jars to a lady in New York, and the shipping cost was as much as what she paid for the jelly. The lady wanted them anyway, and paid the shipping cost. All I can say is, that must be some delicious jelly! :) and it really is.

As far as the baking, Shelby mostly sells cakes, but she does make banana nut bread and pumpkin bread, and in the summer time, strawberry bread.

Listen to this! Here's what Shelby had baking this morning when I called her...eight cakes, (the last of an order for twenty). Chocolate pound cake, coconut pound cake, fresh apple cake, carrot cake, and million dollar pound cake, there were eight different ones and I've already forgotten the other two. Plus, six loaves of banana nut bread. No way could I do all that. As mama used to say, "I'd rather dig stumps".

Better get busy, but first a few kitty cat pictures. We may have to invest in a bigger freezer...

and here! See why it's hard to get any sewing done at night...

Thank you for visiting